A new direction in painting – Agens – meditative graphics and painting, is a form of expression enabling the viewer to become a co-author of the artist, “imagine” images and recreate the worlds proposed by the author. Everyone is able to create the spaces available to them at that moment. The turn out is as impressive as the number of paintings by Olga Burtseva.

The purely contemplative level of canvases rises to the level of consciously creative perception. This is quite complicated – one need apply oneself to the task at hand. But for those who dare to embark on a fascinating journey, Olga Burtseva’s work is ready to discover new worlds, allowing the viewer to plow through seas of emotions and oceans of feelings.

Olga Burtseva’s painting is an ongoing series of formulas, a graphic sign system: centuries and millennia of man’s endeavours to comprehend of the harsh reality of the universe can be gleaned behind every stroke, line and rhythm of her compositions.

Sometimes her work is deeply philosophical. Such as, for example, in the painting «Lake of Sorrows of Lord L.», in the predicted minor key of New York, when the “Big Apple” still isn’t able to amuse the fallen lord.

I would like to pay special attention to Olga’s author’s pictorial style in the triptych «The Soul of Saturn», «Keys. Matrix 17», «Nostalgia», «Paris». The incredible multi-layered work with its bold colour choices are reminiscent of masters of the past.

The stylistic motifs of famous creators are the Malyavin whirlwinds («Sunrise of Solitude», «Ninth Gate», «Red Hill», «Shrovetide»), Matisse spontaneity («Danko», «Return to Eden», «Thames», «Dance of Jiva», Goncharov’s courage («Kitezh», «Blue Sun», «Evita»), Pollock’s emancipation («Kubera», «Kailash. The top of the world», «Oscar», «Mirrors of the Himalayas») ring out in many of the artist’s paintings. Olga does not seek to imitate the masters of the past, she merely captures the essence of their picturesque manner, channeling her own vision and understanding, her own artistic temperament.

It is interesting to note how the artist delves deep into the essence of the work of Pavel Filonov. His fervent desire to “incorporate picturesque harmony into the formula” is of genuine interest to the author.

It’s widely acknowledged that not one of the Leningrad genius’s numerous followers managed to capture the essence of his works. Nevertheless, Burtseva, with her characteristic artistic deftness, seeks to understand and comprehend the ideas of this master of analytical art. Olga Burtseva sets out to not only develop the world’s external aesthetic, but also internal knowledge of it – to create a certain pictorial formula on the canvas.

This is at the very series of her monumental works: «Formula of the Universe»: «Love», «Hope», «Patience» and «Silence». Etched into plastic, images of archetypal objects and figures (for example, Adam and Eve) introduce the viewer to a metaphysical understanding of the world. Here the author’s intention is revealed: that of incorporating impulsiveness and spontaneity into his artistic system – the concept is “rational”. And this is a new step by the artist in comprehending the labyrinths of modern fine art.

A true artist is always partly a prophet. Such is the case in her «Sixth Race», «Return», and «Easter. The fire is burning». The breadth and scale of designs, the monumentality of the easel-mounted works and miniature works make it possible to experience the joy of creativity, imagination in full flight, and the delightful pleasure of existence.

The foundation has been laid. The path is clear and bright. The plane is on course and is en route to the city of joy, light and happiness. Indeed, the planet of Olga Burtseva is an inhabited one, namely by flowers, trees, animals and people. All who find themselves in its orbit will encounter an interesting string of discoveries into new horizons as well as learn to see their world, the universe and they themselves in a new light.

V. Tsvetaeva
Candidate of Art