Miami Exhibition-10/16

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    Olga Burtseva                                              Olga Burtseva and Sonya Galstuya

Sneak Peak to Olga Burtseva Exhibit at Acqualina

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October 8th, 2008
Miami, FL

Acqualina Resort and Spa on the Beach hosts sneak preview of Olga Burtseva Art Exhibit;

Opening Reception-Miami Art Exhibit

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General manager Elena Bazurina, Mayor of Golden Beach Glenn Singer & artist Olga Burtseva

      Olga Burtseva                                           Elena Bazurina & Olga Burtseva



National Arts Club Exhibition of Olga Burtseva

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Introduction By- Aldon James Jr.

The National Arts Club is exited and honored to host Olga Burtseva’s “Return of the Lunar Avant-Garde”. As President of this 110 year-old arts institution, I have seen many shows hanging on its walls; rarely, however, does an artist as young as MS. Burtseva arrive with such visceral brio, such electricity, such life. It is my hope that MS. Burtseva’s work will hit the audience with even a fraction of the force with which it first hit me.

The canvases bristle with youthful exuberance tempered by a philosophical maturity-it is this harmonious combination, i believe, of elements both whimsical and profound, which creates such a unique and arresting first impression. The musical quality of MS. Burtseva’s work is difficult to deny. Hers is an art of balance-color, rhythm, line-with the end result being a sort of visual polyphony. Indeed, many viewers, I am sure, will be tempted to dance upon viewing these works, to whom I say: “Fear not: This is allowed.”

It is no wonder that Ms. Burtseva has been compared to such luminaries as Malevich, Kandinsky, Gonchavora, and even Pollock. What you see in “Return of the Lunar Avant-Garde” will be simultaneously familiar and foreign. And i can think of no better place for such a talented artist, who reaches back to her predecessors as she lunges toward the unknown and unseen, than The National Arts Club, which remains always firmly footed in tradition while stepping into the future.

O. Aldon James, Jr.
The National Arts Club
June 6-28, 2008

Charitable Auction of the Fund “GIVE LIFE”

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Charitable Auction of the Fund “GIVE LIFE”

The evening in the GQ-bar, arranged by the radio station Business-FM and the Fund GIVE LIFE has been devoted to a fine occasion: aid to children sick with leukemia. All present were offered to contribute to aid the children. The charitable auction was a continuation of the actions which had taken place in London – a charitable match between the Russian and British team of stars and the Fund GIVE LIFE under a slogan of “Football gives life”.

There were 10 lots declared at the auction in Moscow – from rather expensive lots to rather cheap ones: a ball signed by the Russian national football team members, a unique collection composition of dolls, sports jersey with Alexey Smertin’s autograph, a bag by Marcello de Cartier, pictures of artist Olga Burtseva and artist Peter Bronfin, vintage wine Shato-Lafit of 1999, Certificate to design a winter garden, photos and posters – all about football. The visitors were lavish to purchase even rather expensive exhibits – all for charitable purposes.

Information from Gloria Mundi news

Kandinsky’s “Successor” was Inspired by Wimbledon

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Olga Burtseva personal exhibition was opened in the Moscow State Showroom “New Manège” in the beginning of June. The pictures of the young artist cast fine memoirs of  cloths by Kandinsky, Malevich, Goncharova, Serebryakova and  Filonov. Surprising freedom of creativity is granted to a spectator because everyone can create his own image and own sensitivity of time and space. The special place is taken by a picture under the name of “Wimbledon” among the presented cloths.

– The tennis ball symbolizes success; and ability to beat off a gold flying ball means to be successful not only on the court ground, but in life as well. That is why tennis is so popular among the wealthy and successful people. – Olga Burtseva said. – I wanted to reflect in this picture not only the energy of a flying tennis ball, but also to display the passions inflamed by around!
Everybody around the ball is a fan, ready to pay a considerable amount of money in order to feel energy of success alive, which is inherent to the tennis players. Even if you do not appear on the court ground, being preset at a decisive match gives you tremendous impression of a complete involvement into the game.
– Is this picture inspired by your personal feelings?
– Yes, I was in Wimbledon in 2006. And an amusing story is connected with it. I have arrived to the cash desks at night, and after having waited for six hours in a queue I  bought tickets for the most ordinary places. During the break between matches a gentleman approached me and offered: “Ms., I cannot stay here any longer. Please take the ticket to the VIP-box”. Marat Safin’s game is one of the brightest memoirs of that tournament too …
– Shall, we see a cloth devoted to this undoubtedly talented tennis player, perhaps?
– Things happen …
– Does Marat knows about your desire and is he ready to sit for his portrait?
– My works are formulas of the graphic sign systems. They are not adhered to a specific person or a situation. I try to describe the very heart of the essence.
– Who does inspire you as an artist, besides Safin?
– Among the tennis players I like Michael Juzhnyj, Andrey Chesnokov, Boris Bekker, Maria Sharapov.  Shteffy Graf  is a very interesting personality.
– As far as I know, you are not alien to tennis too, are you?
– Yes. I began to play tennis in the children’s group at the age of five. Then there was a break – I occupied myself with music. And then I was fond of music from 11 to 15. Nowadays, unfortunately, the creativity does not leave any time to play tennis. I feel hurt: there is a new racquet and a set of tennis accoutrements is collecting dust at home.
– Nevertheless, you are ready to find yourself on the court again, aren’t you?
– Why not. I’d love to play in pair.
– What word, do you think, unites tennis with painting?
– Success.

This was the end of our dialogue with Olga, because she was long-expected by my colleagues from TV and by a great number of the visitors who had come to the vernisage. Isn’t it the best acknowledgement of the artist’s final words about success!?

Jacob Chudakov
Magazine  “Тennis plus” №8  (179), 2007.

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