Olga Burtseva

Olga Mihajlovna Burtseva was born on June 4, 1985 in the city of Moscow. Olga Burtseva’s art skills have begun to visualize in her early childhood. At the age of 5 she participated in the art exhibition of young talents in Moscow, and then in Sankt – Petersburg.

In the beginning of the 90s the young  girl of talent attracted attention of art critics who advise her to work hard to develop her natural art skills. Since early years Olga Burtseva has been training at the author’s studios of Moscow and St.-Petersburg.

She is the participant of the various creative art seminars which are annually held in Italy and England. In 2006 she trained at a private art workshop in Venice, the same year she graduated from the Institute of National Design in Moscow.

In 2007 there was her personal exhibition in the Moscow City Council building. Same year there was also her personal art exhibition “Returning of the Lunar Avant-Garde” held in the Moscow State Showroom “New Manège”: Georgievsky lane, 3/3.

In 2007 Olga Burtseva participated in the auction of the welfare fund “Give Life”, devoted to help children sick with leukemia.

Bright, expressional and innovative ideas on the cloths sheet of the artist, free from blind subject pursuit of realities, allow taking wings easily and throwing oneself into the flight of colour, rhythm, lines, and music of the composite discoveries. The new direction in painting – Agens – the meditative graphics and painting, expression – allows the spectator to become co-author of the artist, «interpret to oneself» the images and the world offered by the author. Everyone is capable to create those worlds which appear to be visually accessible to him at present. There are so many pictures of Olga Burtseva as there are spectators.

Olga Burtseva’s artworks are deeply philosophic in its nature, and are also full of love to life; her cloths are multi-layered and fearless in color that allows to recollect the masters of the past. There are about 20 shades of black, red and yellow in pictures of the artist – unique colors and their combinations, create the new images which did not exist before.

The life as it is being understood by Olga Burtseva is a method to reflect reality in the form of creative work, and is a palette of light and feelings being transferred onto pictures by the artist.

She is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists and the author of numerous works which are stored in private collections of Paris, London, New York, Amsterdam and other cities

It is possible to distinguish such eminent persons as the mayor of Moscow U.M.Luzhkov, baron Edward Aleksandrovich fon Faltz- Fein among the holders of the art cloths of Olga Burtseva.