Olga Burtseva

The paintings give the viewer an unexpected amount of control over the aesthetic experience. Due to an organic magnetism that can easily be likened to the work of the great Analytical artist Pavel Filonov, we are drawn in to the emotive and refreshingly subjective surfaces. While the rich textures and compositional allure of each painting instigate this initial attraction, it is only through conscious self-cultivation and exploration that the viewer may delineate the subject matter on a contemplative level.

Deeply philosophical and laden with symbols, Olga Burtseva’s work shows an unlikely yet fascinating marriage of formula to passion. Her keen graphical sensibility is countered by unfettered expression, a quality that allows the work to evoke time-honored traditions while still embracing new aesthetic techniques. It is as though her work operates within a matrix of spontaneity, on a plane where control and freedom are not in conflict, but instead work in complimentary fashion.

Though the boldness and courage of the 19th and 20th century avant-garde are evident in her work, Olga Burtseva’s voice and vision are utterly contemporary. Given the depth and innovation of her work, its difficult to believe the artist is only 23 years old. In spite of, or perhaps thanks to her youth, Burtseva has successfully ventured down her own unique path, one where imagination, joy and light are the crowning features of her artistic genius.