National Arts Club Exhibition of Olga Burtseva

August 23, 2008 by  

Introduction By- Aldon James Jr.

The National Arts Club is exited and honored to host Olga Burtseva’s “Return of the Lunar Avant-Garde”. As President of this 110 year-old arts institution, I have seen many shows hanging on its walls; rarely, however, does an artist as young as MS. Burtseva arrive with such visceral brio, such electricity, such life. It is my hope that MS. Burtseva’s work will hit the audience with even a fraction of the force with which it first hit me.

The canvases bristle with youthful exuberance tempered by a philosophical maturity-it is this harmonious combination, i believe, of elements both whimsical and profound, which creates such a unique and arresting first impression. The musical quality of MS. Burtseva’s work is difficult to deny. Hers is an art of balance-color, rhythm, line-with the end result being a sort of visual polyphony. Indeed, many viewers, I am sure, will be tempted to dance upon viewing these works, to whom I say: “Fear not: This is allowed.”

It is no wonder that Ms. Burtseva has been compared to such luminaries as Malevich, Kandinsky, Gonchavora, and even Pollock. What you see in “Return of the Lunar Avant-Garde” will be simultaneously familiar and foreign. And i can think of no better place for such a talented artist, who reaches back to her predecessors as she lunges toward the unknown and unseen, than The National Arts Club, which remains always firmly footed in tradition while stepping into the future.

O. Aldon James, Jr.
The National Arts Club
June 6-28, 2008


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